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A very bespoke package designed around you and your individual needs. We’ll work together to find the Queen that is inside you and bring her centre stage. It’s time to reign your life and take back your power.

We’ll meet twice a week at a place convenient to you. We’ll start with a fitness assessment and I need to know where you’re at mentally too, so you’ll be getting my worksheets that help you start your journey. These will look at a variety of aspects to your life; the first is acceptance and releasing techniques to clear the way for the Queen that has always been in you.

Gratitude plays a big part too and I’ll get you to start journaling. Getting your thoughts out of your head and down on paper. I’m a big believer in self-care, and will be asking you some poignant questions to help you re-think your life and the path you are on.

It’s going to be emotional and transformational in this six-week journey. The cost is £799 but the results last a lifetime.

If you’d like more details book a call with Shelly or if you are ready to start your Queen Journey today then click the Buy Now button.

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Monthly Membership

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